Positional Statements

  • Abstinence from alcohol: On the consumption of alcohol, Evangel Assembly calls on its members and adherents to live life-styles of total abstinence.
  • Apostles and Prophets: Evangel Assembly of God does not recognize titles or offices of “apostle ” and “prophet “.
  • It does, however, believe there are those in the church who “exercise the ministry function of apostles and prophets”. Apostolic
    functions relate to evangelizing previously unreached areas or people groups, while prophetic functions “occur when believers
    speak under the anointing of the Spirit to strengthen, encourage, or comfort”. “Prophecy is a continuing gift of the Holy Spirit
    that is broadly distributed as the Spirit wills throughout Pentecostal churches”. Predictive prophecy that proves false, or prophecy
    that “departs from biblical truth” is false prophecy. The AG believes in the four ministry gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists,
    and pastor/teachers (see  Fivefold ministry) but notes that there are no biblical instructions for the appointment of
    apostles and prophets today.
  • Assisted suicide and abortion: Viewing all human life as sacred, the Assemblies of God opposes  assisted suicide  and  abortion (unless it is medically confirmed that the mother’s life is in imminent, physical danger). It believes scripture is silent on the use of contraception and therefore takes no position on this subject
  • Creation: Evangel Assembly believes that the account of creation in the book of Genesis “accurately communicates God’s creation of the heavens and the earth” and that “the New Testament treats the creation and fall of Adam and Eve as historical events”. It acknowledges that Christians will have different views on “the age of the earth, the age of humankind, and the ways in which God went about the creative processes” but urges them to “avoid divisiveness over debatable theories of creation”. It also affirms that “God reveals himself both in Scripture and the created order”.
  • Demon Possession: The Assemblies of God believes it is possible for people to be  demon possessed and be delivered by the “power of the Spirit, and the name of Jesus”. However, it cautions against overemphasis on  demonology and rejects the belief that true Christians can be possessed by evil spirits.
  • Ministry to the disabled: Evangel Assembly teaches that people with  disabilities are loved by God. They should be treated with dignity and fully included in the life of the Church.
  • Divorce and remarriage: Officially, the Assemblies of God disapproves of Christians divorcing for any cause except “fornication and adultery”. Where these circumstances exist or where a Christian has been divorced by an unbeliever (see  Pauline privilege), the AG allows “the question of remarriage to be resolved by the believer in the Light of God’s Word”. For Christians who were divorced and remarried before their conversion, it is recommended that local AG churches receive them as members [34] The General Council has offered this guideline for AG churches; however, churches are free to determine their own standards of membership with the result that many local churches will admit divorced and remarried persons as members even if the above conditions are not met.
  • Gambling: We oppose  gambling, believing that it is a disregard of responsible stewardship, involves a chance of gain at the expense and suffering of others, is inconsistent with the work ethic of scripture, and tends to be habit forming.
  • Homosexuality: The fellowship takes the position that the biblical ideal of marriage is between one man and one woman and that the Bible condemns all sex outside of marriage, whether heterosexual or homosexual. Furthermore, it emphasizes that “believers who struggle with homosexual temptations must be encouraged and strengthened by fellow Christians” and that believers “must hold no malice toward, or fear, of homosexuals” but “reach out in humility and compassion”.
  • Positive Confession: While the AG affirms that “All the blessings which God has for His people are received through faith” (including salvation, Spirit baptism, “divine preservation”, “healing and provision of material needs”, and the motivation to witness), it rejects the teaching that faith or “positive confession” “compels God’s action”. It holds that believers must consider the totality of scripture, consider adequately the will of God, recognize that they can expect suffering in life, and recognize the sovereignty of God. It also stresses the importance of persistent prayer, as opposed to simply confessing or “claiming” the promises of God.[38]
  • Women’s role in ministry: The AG affirms the ministry of women in the church and allows them to be ordained and serve in pastoral role.

Jesus Christ Said: I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for ME MATTEW 25:40

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