Our History

Evangel Assembly of God had its humble beginnings about seventy years ago in a store-front space on Geer Street in Durham North Carolina. A few years later, the church moved to a more stable location on Holloway Street. As the congregation started to increase, the church sought and found its home at its current location on Lynn Road. Throughout the years, the church has made it a priority to build God’s Kingdom. Missionaries have been sent to different parts of the world and many local churches have been built. At the Homefront, programs are in place to educate this generation and the next. It is no wonder that today its leadership and congregants are drawn from all corners of the world. People from various nations call Evangel Life home. Families have hailed from Europe Canada, US, Central and South America. Likewise, many of her members originate from Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Cambodia, China and Korea. Many of African origin also abound in the congregation.

Evangel is a sanctuary in more ways than one. The Word of God is preached, the love of Jesus Christ is shared, the leadership and presence of the Holy Spirit is also very welcome. What started as a fledgling group somewhere in downtown Durham, Evangel has grown into a vibrant, diverse and passionate flock with a heart for God, and with His continued help, will continue to thrive – Evangel Life.

Jesus Christ Said: I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for ME MATTEW 25:40

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